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Wedding Chorus (Act 1) 4:45


As the couple are secretly wed, the unseen
chorus builds to a massive climax to end Act 1
I gave myself to human loving (Act 2) 4:12

Abelard, castrated by Fulbert and his cronies has become a monk and also a very prominent but scandalous teacher, excuses his present situation by blaming his love for Heloise. He is about to face his trial for heresy.
The Profession Scene (Act 2)  2:22

Heloise is bitter that she is forced by Abelard to take vows as a nun whilst still remaining deeply in love with him, despite what has been done to him.
Finale (Act 2)  1:59

Abelard has died. This is the very final moment and is the end of Heloise's 10 minute elegy for him and their lives. It is a sumnation of her love-"You will never be dead to me Not for as long as I live And see you and all we did In my mind's eye."
Am I Late (Act 1)  3:28

Abelard's students have discovered their master may be dallying with a young lady.They are bemused.This number has been converted to a purely instrumental realisation, having been originally notated in Finale and converted to NOTION
to realise the sounds of an orchestral version.